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from BMRFC news paper

Doug Aldrich

Doug was planning to go to Japan for his solo shows, but he can't. He said "It was too late I guess to come this time".

Kal San

Kal, it's not sure what he's doing now.

Ian Mayo

Ian is working on a Video production.

Jackie Ramos

Jackie got married on Nov. 15. Congratulations!

Jackie Ramos's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Jackie!!

Doug Aldrich

Doug has been doing sessions and writing songs.

Doug: guitar magazine

His guitar lecture "How To Make A Demo" is in guitar magazine -vol. 22. (BMR FC)

Doug's message

I guess I'm coming in Nov. I really wanted to come for Halloween, cause it is more fun

Doug: Released Guitar Instructional Video The Electro-LESSON

Doug's Guitar Instructional Video "The Electro-LESSON" is released in JAPAN. (Pony Canyon/YOUNG GUITAR)

Ian: Zakk Wylde live tour in Japan

Ian is in Japan now for supporting Zakk Wylde live tour.

Doug: Guitar instructional Video

Doug Aldrich's Guitar instructional Video (YOUNG GUITAR magazine) will come out from Pony Canyon on AUG. 20. The title is THE ELECTRO-LESSON. (From YOUNG GUITAR magazine's August '97 issue)

Doug Aldrich

Doug might come to JAPAN to tour in Oct.

Doug: ElectroVision is in store now!

His 2nd solo album "Electrovision>" is out today in JAPAN (Pony Canyon)

Kal Swan

Kal is working on a project called "Electric sun". He supposed to be working with producer Mack again, of Bad Moon Rising and Blood albums.

Doug: Guitar instructional Video

Doug's Guitar instructional Video (YOUNG GUITAR magazine) will come out from Pony Canyon on Aug.20. (From YOUNG GUITAR magazine's JULY '97 issue)

Doug: Solo Album

His solo album "Electrovision" will be released on July 2.

Doug: Solo Album

The "ElectroVision" CD Booklet will carry an all the songs' explanation by Doug Aldrich. The album is gonna be released in only JAPN. In the other countries, there is no plan to release it as yet. The songs' titles are here. (From BMR Fan Club News paper)

Doug: Solo Album

Kal sang a Ballad on Doug Aldrich's Album "ElectroVision" and the song was a out take of "OPIUM FOR THE MASSES" (BMRFC)

Doug Aldrich's Solo Album

ElectroVision will be released on June 18 !!
(Vocals)-----Kal Swan 、Ron Young、Matt Kramer
(Drums)------Chris Frazier
(Bass)-------Robbie Harrington
(Keyboads)----Dizzy Reed

Doug: Solo Album

Guest Vocalists are Kal Swan (B.M.R.), Ron Young (MANIC EDEN), Matt Kramer (ex. SAIGON KICK).
The album title will be ElectroVision and out on June 18 (PONY/CANYON).

Kal Swan's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Kal!!

Doug: Rod Stewart tribute album

Doug played "Let Me Love You" on a Rod Stewart tribute album (DeRock Records)-From BURRN! magazine's MAY '97 issue

Message from Doug Aldrich

"I'm mastering my new record on Monday at A&M Studios with Dave somebody. It turned out great and Kal sang on a ballad." (3-29-97)
(From Bob Decker, Jr.-metal director, WRKC)

Doug: Solo Album

He's just done mixing the new record, and it should be in the store on June 18. The drummer is Chris(fraz) Frazier, and bass player is Robbie(chaka)Harrington.

Kal: Solo Album

Kal is still writing songs for a possible record

Ian and Jackie

Ian and Jackie have been busy.

Doug: Solo Album

His new album will be released in June or July.

Kal: Solo Album??

A radio program said that "Kal is working on his own solo album"......How about B.M.R.'s new album??
Doug will be done with his new solo record soon.

Doug Aldrich's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Doug!!

Doug: Mike Vescera Project

He played "Words Unspoken" on Mike Vescera Project album WINDOWS and the album been released from Pony Canyon. (From BURRN! magazine's Feb '97 issue)


Right now he is getting ready to record with his own solo band. Chris Frazier is on drums, and Robbie Harrington is on bass. The new stuff is really inspiring. It is his best guitar work.


Kal is writing songs. I heard some of the stuff and it is good. It is very different though, kinda like Seal or somthing." (1-11-97) -From Bob Decker, Jr.-metal director, WRKC

What's new with BMR

There's nothing new... they haven't done anything as BMR for a while.
Doug is working on his solo album and spend much time in a studio.
Kal helps his friend with his(?) album or something and spend much time in a studio, too. (From Wyatt Management)

Doug: Hit Parader magazine

Hit Parader's Feb '97 issue did a great review on "Doug's High Centered" cd in the Indie Review section (four out of five stars). Bob Decker, Jr. gave the info and is the metal director of an American college radio station (WRKC-King's College). He proudly plays BMR's music on his show every week. - Pennsylvania's No.1 BMR/Doug A. fan.

Ian Mayo's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Ian!!

Jackie Ramos

Jackie played in the band called OUTPATIENCE. (From BURRN! magazine's Jan '97 issue)

Doug: Mike Vescera Project

Doug is playing the guitar on the album.

Kal: Sega Saturn

Kal sang on Sega Saturn-Necronomicon (2songs-2version)

Jackie Ramos's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Jackie!!


I heard that Kal and Doug didn't have a good relationship, recentry. Is that true?


He was the featured artist on The INSTRUMENTALS OF ROCK program. The show broadcasts on the radio in the U.S.. For Further Info click here (Avalanche Records).

Opium For The Masses

Opium For The Masses has been Relesed in The U.S. and also eelesed in JAPAN today. A single "Moonchild" released to radio is already getting airplay.

Doug: Cross Fire-A Salute To Stevie Ray

Doug played "The House Is Rockin'" for the Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute album.

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