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Doug Aldrich

Last weekend, There was a gig of Slaughter and Warrant and Doug Aldrich jumped to on the stage when Slaughter played "Up All Night". (form Euijung, Tahnx!) .

BMR has split up.

I have never expected this...
BMR has split up on Nov.10th.

I have various feelings of it, but......
I hope this things will be good & great for the all of BMR members and their fans.

I've been supporting them until today and I will do. I will keep running this site and The moon will be rising again someday somewhere....
Doug Aldrich & Kal Swan statement

Jackie Ramos's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Jackie!!

Jackie Ramos

Jackie may be working on a project in the very near future.

Message from Doug

Regarding for the article on YOUNG GUITAR...

Sorry I couldn't say so yesterday, But yes it is true. First let me explain about BMR. The band is not dead. Kal and all of us want to come back, but unfortunatly we cannot record a new record at this time. Kal and I both as well as Jackie and Ian will be pursueing other projects at this time. I don't know how Young Guitar knows this and I am sorry you had to hear it from a mag instead of me. But I am only writing songs. These are the ones I was thinking would end up being BMR but since that can't happen I want to do a new project to record them. Kal has been working on his solo songs as you know. I think this is really his goal at this time. We both support each other and will help each other with anything we can. I feel that Kal and I will work together again but untill then we all still need your support and understanding. I feel really bummed out about the way this is, and I know you are too. But we don't want to record as BMR untill we can do it right. I'm sorry I had to be one to tell you but I couldn't wait. Sincerely DOUG

Message from Doug -the site has reached 10,000 visits

Harumi congradulations!!!
it is all because of your hard work. Thanx to you and all the Bad Moon Rising fans all over the world!!!!.

Message from Doug -the article on YOUNG GUITAR

As for the word on Young Guitar I just found out about it today. Kal and I have been talking about what to do but not sure yet

News on YOUNG GUITAR mag

Doug will form a new band and he's already found a vocalist who sings like David Coverdale. The band's album will be released in fall. Looking forward to his new band sound!

Mark Boals solo album

Doug played for Mark Boals solo album and its title is Ignition. It will be released on June 3 by Victor Entertainment(VICP-60351) - BURRN! magazine's JUNE '98 issue -

Kal Swan's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Kal!!

Ian Mayo

Ian played some AC/DC songs on a band stage.

Doug: Guitar Zeus

You can see the album Guitar Zeus info on Carmine Appice's Guitar ZEUS Home (Thank you, ANNIE!)

Doug Aldrich's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Doug!!

Message from Jackie Ramos

It makes me very happy to know that so many of you guys are still keeping the faith. We all miss Japan and all of our fans worldwide. I think of all of you often. I just spoke with Kal on Friday (2/6/98) and we hope to go back into rehearsals soon! Tell everyone that they have'nt heard the last from BMR! BMR has the best fans in the world!!

Message from Doug

I feel very sorry that there has been no news about B.M.R. but it is very complicated why BMR is on such a long wait. I think that we need to figure out some things before we can start working on a record. It means alot to me and Kal that you guys care about us. And He and I have written together in Nov., and Dec. But nothing is decided yet. I will let you guys know what happens...O.K.

Doug: Mark Boals solo album

Doug worked on Mark Boals solo album. It will be released in spring by Victor in Japan. (From YOUNG GUITAR- Feb.)

Bad Moon Rising

I heard that BMR need to figure out some things before they can start working on a record. Kal and Doug have written some songs together in Nov and Dec. But nothing is decided yet.

Ian Mayo's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Ian!!

Doug: Rod Stewart tribute album

The Rod Stewart tribute album &qout;Forever Mod" is out now from Victor Entertainment. Doug played "Let Me Love You" (BMRFC news paper)

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